Terms of use

Please read the terms of use carefully

This agreement is between, the owner and operator of services, and you as a user of this program and all the services , by agreeing to download and use the program, you agree to all terms and conditions, and in case you do not agree to the privacy policy and terms, You should stop using the program and all related services. It is also worth noting that the laws in your country are noted in terms of restrictions, regulations and legal age, and you agree and with prior knowledge that the program is not an alternative to the primary phone..

Age restrictions

If you are under the age of eighteen, you are not permitted to use the program permanently

License and restrictions

The company gives you limited personal use, non-commercial, non-exclusive, non-licensable, transfer, assignment, and you can use in your work or your profession with observance of these terms and conditions and according to the terms of this agreement, and you as an user are not authorized to sell, assign Renting, renting, distributing, exporting, damaging, dismantling, translating, inserting third parties into the program, deleting, modifying, or adding any component to the program, dismantling the software, damaging the network and content, rebuilding and producing the program, or piracy, or Any other symbols or instructions designed to attack, distort and delete content, and any of these behaviors are considered a violation of policy The company and its ownership and privacy are dealt with legal frameworks appropriate and prosecute offenders and you as a user you do not have the right to act as an intermediary or Provider of these services as well

Delete, modify, or add any component to the program, disassemble the software, and destroy the network

Intellectual property rights

Program design, software, networks, servers, and all designs, logos, systems, and text programs are the exclusive property of the company and all copyright and intellectual property rights are exclusively in the hands of the company and it is not allowed to modify, copy, copy or distribute our services without permission prior

The use of services

A free program that does not require payment for download and use, may require payment to obtain features and the program is for personal use only, and you as a user must use the program in a manner that respects the laws, is not responsible and harmful to users and for legitimate purposes and the company has the exclusive right to remove the program from the market And distribution and publishing and the service stops working or adding or removing any content exclusively as the company has the right to stop A user for any reason or without reason or removing any inappropriate content and you are committed to not using the program for defamation, propaganda, damage or violation of laws in your country, fraud, harassment or piracy and you are individually responsible for your use of the program, correspondence, content and all matters related to your use It is under your responsibility and you are required to indemnify the company or the party affected by your use or abuse, and the company is not responsible for any damage that may be caused to you through your use of the program or any compensation later, physical, moral, or material later.

Disclaimer and warranty

The company is working hard to provide the service better and always stable and the company is not responsible for any sudden stop of the work of the program or any errors in the program, the company does not provide a guarantee that the program works permanently and is not responsible for the loss of communication, or the loss of any content for a reason Out of our control, the does not give any guarantees in this regard

Paid services:

All sales of the program exclusively belong to the company and you must agree to keep your account from any illegal use, including payment and subscription, and the company is not responsible for providing compensation in the event of loss or misuse of the account by any third party

Liabilities and compensation

You as a user are obligated that all the information provided and shared by you is correct and accurate and you have the full right to publish it and share it to the rest of the users, and all the information provided is not harmful to others or the laws in force in your country and you are required to waive, compensate and not to prosecute any of The team working at the company is committed to the laws and provisions of this agreement.

Liability limits

the services provided in the program or in any related services and the information provided cannot be used for commercial or social purposes as a guide for employment, insurance, proof, accreditation or other legally followed procedures, and the information provided and available in the application is not 100% accurate and from It is possible that it contains errors and others and cannot be used as a judgment on persons or categories and the does not provide a guarantee in this regard or is responsible for any error or accuracy in the information provided and all employees and the working group do not bear any responsibility as a result of using the program directly or indirectly, including but not limited to financial, direct or incidental loss, loss of profits, data, failure, or otherwise, and do not bear responsibility for any communication Or correspondence or any third party